Mission Objectives

The primary objective of the STS-93 mission is the deployment of the $1.5 billion Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the third in NASA's series of "Great Observatories".

Astronaut Cady Coleman is scheduled to deploy the observatory about seven hours after liftoff. Chandra will spend the next five years in a highly elliptical orbit which will take it one-third of the way to the moon to study invisible and often violent sources of astronomical activity in the distant universe.

Secondary objectives include the firing of Columbia's jet thrusters at various times during the flight to help an Air Force satellite gather data on the characteristics of jet plumes in orbit.

In addition, crew members will operate the Southwest Ultraviolet Imaging System, a small telescope which will be mounted at the side hatch window in Columbia's middeck to collect data on ultraviolet light originating from a variety of planetary bodies.

Pilot Jeff Ashby and Mission Specialists Steve Hawley and Michel Tognini will conduct an in-flight assessment of an exercise system planned for the International Space Station. The on-orbit treadmill, referred to as the Treadmill Vibration Isolation and Stabilization (TVIS) system, should provide the crew with a reliable exercise device while also meeting International Space Station (ISS) load transmission requirements to avoid disrupting on-orbit experiments.


Commander: Pilot:

Mission Specialist 1: Mission Specialist 2: Mission Specialist 3:

Eileen M. Collins Jeffrey S. Ashby Cady G. Coleman Steven A. Hawley Michel Tognini


Orbiter: Columbia OV102

Launch Site: KSC Pad 39-B

Launch Window: 46 minutes

Altitude: 153 nautical miles

Inclination: 28.45 degrees

Duration: 4 Days 22 Hrs. 56 Min.

Vehicle Data

Shuttle Liftoff Weight:

Orbiter/Payload Liftoff Weight:

Orbiter/Payload Landing Weight:

4,524,727 lbs. 270,142 lbs.

219,980 lbs.

Payload Weights


50,162 lbs.

Software Version:


Space Shuttle Main Engines

External Tank: ET-99

SRB Set: BI-097 Auxiliary Power Units: APU-1: SN 401 Fuel Cells: FC-1: SN 113

Shuttle Aborts

Abort Landing Sites

RTLS: Kennedy Space Center

TAL: Banjul (prime); Ben Guerir (alternate)

AOA: Edwards Air Force Base, California


Landing Date: Landing Time: Primary Landing Site:


11:32 PM (eastern time) Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility


Cargo Bay

Chandra X-Ray Observatory In-Cabin

Plant Growth Investigations in Microgravity 1 Southwest Ultraviolet Imaging System Gelation of Sols: Applied Microgravity Research Space Tissue Loss

Lightweight Flexible Solar Array Hinge Cell Culture Model, Configuration C Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment II Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Micro-Electromechanical Systems Biological Research in Canisters

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