Airlock Config

Wire Tie Caddy Locking Strut Aids (4) BRS Pin Contingency Tool GP Caddy SSAS Contingency Bolts (4) RAD S N _ ISS Torque Wrench (preset to 34 ft-lb) WIF Adapter w PIP pin Connector Cleaner Tool Kit Connector Pin Straightener Backup Safety Tethers (2) CETA CART 1 (Stbd of MT) I APFR WIF 4 3.TT, F, 12

Remove Spare Sasa From Z

Remove shirt shrouds from Z1 SASA, temp stow on Z1 2. Ingress IAPFR Z1-01 3,RR,F, 12 3. ON EV2 GO PGT B7 25.5 ft-lb, CCW3 60 RPM, 30.5 -6 ext7 16 Release SASA stanchion storage bolts (2) (-10 turns) 4 Remove SASA stanchion from soft dock 5. GIVE EV2 GO to raise SASA to allow access to cables W200A-P33 from SASA J3 temp stow 7. GIVE EV2 GO to mnvr SASA clear of Z1 monitor clearance 9. Ingress APFR S0-07 5,NN,L,12 11. Handoff SASA to EV2 RELEASE FAILED S1 SASA 13. Rotate SASA gimbal locks (4)...


If access to BMRRM holes 8, 9, 41, 42, 51, or 52 is required, VMCC-H for connector deadfacing requirements_ Jl-Primary Power connector restricts access to BMRRM holes 8 and 9. J2-Secondary Power connector restricts access to BMRRM holes 41 and 42. J3-Data Bus and Secondary Power connector restricts access to BMRRM holes 51 and 52 J1 Lower left connector J2 Upper right connector J3 Lower right connector J4 Upper left connector Anti-rotation access holes can be seen around the perimeter of the...

Manual Override To Retract Mast

IF REQUIRED - Set up APFR and ingress (see Task Data for WIF position and APFR settings) IF MCHD REQUIRED - Perform steps 4, 5, and 7 Deploy MCHD PGT swing arm, install MCHD onto mast PGT A7 9.2 ft-lb, CW2 30RPM, MTL 10.5 -2 ext 7 16 Secure MCHD fasteners (four) to hardstop Ratchet -2 ext 7 16 Rotate Manual Override Actuator Shaft on left side of MDA 180 deg to disengage MDA,


If any outboard MLI cover fastener assembly fails to snap completely out of the way, a gentle nudge may be required 2. All launch locks should be removed prior to breaking torque on launch restraints 3. It is preferred to remove launch restraint 2 or 5 last 4. The outboard SARJ race ring side MLI cover bolts (spring clamp bolts) should be released prior to the inboard MLI cover bolts 5. The SARJ Launch Restraint (SLR) comes off in three attached pieces via lanyards. The SLR consists of two clam...

Rigidize Ajis Strut

Restrained Human Mating

Remove and stow Strut Launch Restraint 6. Verify anti-rotation tabs on cones and ground wire attach point are pointing out of cups and are visible 7. Position fastener into mating bulkhead bracket 8. PGT B5 22.0 ft-lb, CW3 60RPM, MTL 30.5 -6 ext 7 16 Engage fastener (-40 turns) 10. Stow Strut Launch Restraints in large trash bag MCC-H 1. Verify DLA in NEUTRAL position MCC-H 1. Verify DLA in NEUTRAL position