Third Manned Mission

Eating (1973) TV-3

Two separate telecasts, days 330 and 332 TV-3A

Personal Hygiene Demonstration (1973) TV-16

Demonstration on Day 347

Press Conferences (1974) TV-27 Two conferences, held on Days 2 and 31

Viewfinder Tracking System (1973) TV-29

Views of South Africa.

Out of Window (1973) TV-32

Mississippi Delta during Earth observation pass.

General Purpose Intravehicular Activity (1973 & 1974) TV-77

Seven-part telecast. The first part, on Day 331, shows the pilot exercising on the treadmill. Three telecasts focus on the various instruments used aboard Skylab for study of the Kohoutek Comet on Days 354, 365 and 1. Two telecasts show sketches of the comet as it appeared from Skylab on Days 4 and 6. A discussion of the Earth observation instruments was held on Day 25.

Earth Surface Features (1973 & 1974) TV-78

This eleven-part telecast provides the following Parts 1

Views: 1) Faikland Currents, 2) Faikland/South thru 11

Equatorial Currents, 3) Aleutian Islands, 4) California and Baja, 5) Japan and Alaska, 6) Aleutian Islands, 7) California and Baja, 8) Galapagos Islands, 9) Mouth of the Amazon, 10) California and Baja, and 11) Andes and Santiago, Chile.

Crew Day Off Activities ( 1973 & 1974) TV-81

Nine separate telecasts that Include: 1) air swimming and pilot in shower; 2) space suit donning demonstration; 3) removal of foot restraints at wardroom table; 4) Christmas special; 5) space suit with the name S. Claus; 6 and 7) sketches of the Kohoutek Comet; 8) discussion of water blob, and 9) completion of human body momentum demonstration (Part of TV-87)

M110, Blood Sampling (1973) TV-4 Day 340

MD92, Lower Body Negative Pressure (1974) TV-6 OC-3)

S183 Ultraviolet Panorama (1973) TV-23 Comet observations on Day 334

Professor Kohoutek Conference (1973) TV-27 Live conference relative to comet on Day 362.

Science Pilot Highlights (1973) TV-28 Discussion of Apollo Telescope Mount procedures and techniques on Day 338

Water Sampling (1973) TV-33 Conducted on Day 337.

S019, Ultraviolet Stellar Astronomy (1973) TV-47 Conducted on Day 348.

M479, Zero Gravity Flammability (1974) Conducted on Day 35.

ED41, Motor Sensor Performance (1974) Day 32.

ED61/62 Plant Growth/Plant Phototropism (1973)

The first telecast shows preparations for the experiment and the second shows experiment data gathering operations.

Human Body Momentum (1974 )

Science demonstration in two parts. The second part was completed as a crew day off activity.

Liquid Floating Zone (1974 )

Science demonstration televised in five parts on five consecutive days.

Liquid Films (1974)

Science demonstration on Day 24.

Gyroscope (1974)

Two part science demonstration of gyroscopic action telecast on Days 9 and 26.

Immiscible Liquids (1974)

Science demonstration conducted on Day 3.

Fluid Mechanics (1974)

Science demonstration in five parts (Days 4, 5, 18, 23, and 24)

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