Promoting Sensorimotor Response Generalizability A Countermeasure to Mitigate Locomotor Dysfunction After Longduration Spaceflight Mobility

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jacob Bloomberg, Johnson Space Center, Houston Overview

Astronauts returning from spaceflight can experience difficulty walking, as the brain must readapt to programming body movements in a gravity environment. The MOBILITY experiment will use tests taken before and after a long-duration spaceflight to determine whether a specific training regimen using the station's treadmill can help astronauts recover more quickly when they return to Earth. Specifically, do astronauts who use this unique treadmill workout in space readjust more quickly when once again exposed to the effects of gravity?

Two tests, the Treadmill Locomotion Test and the Functional Mobility Test, will be performed by each participating crewmember both before and after their mission (pre- and post-flight). The pre-flight data will be collected on or around six months, four months and 60 days before launch. Post-flight data will be collected on the day of landing and on postlanding days 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 and 48.

How To Keep Your Treadmill Running

How To Keep Your Treadmill Running

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