Contingency Actions and Notifications Spacecraft Emergency Checklist

This procedure should be executed following an event that has occurred with the on-orbit vehicle that could potentially result in the loss of the on-orbit crew and/or vehicle. The event may or may not result in an emergency de-orbit or evacuation of the Space Station by the ISS crew.

1. Address the onboard problem

2. Declare the Spacecraft Emergency on the Flight Director loop

3. Have the GC notify the Network Director of the declared emergency and implement the efforts to maximize communications coverage with the spacecraft. This includes calling up any additional TDRS satellite and/or Ground Stations to provide additional communications coverage.

4. Have the FDO contact LSO and call-up/notify landing sites as required (get a copy of ELS DOPS)

5. Ensure that the appropriate personnel are notified per FCOH SOP 2.8

Note - notify the MOD representative and have them execute FCOH SOP 2.8 for notification of the appropriate personnel.

6. Notify the MER and SPAN Managers and have them notify the required Engineering support personnel.

7. Execute (ISS) FCOH SOP 2.4.3 "Team 4 Contingency Operations Procedures", as required, to aid in the resolution of the spacecraft emergency.

8. Have each Flight Controller notify the required technical support personnel (e.g. entry team).

9. Following the event, if required, execute the "Contingency Action Plan" (Console HB proc. to support any investigation activity.

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