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Skylab Orbital Workshop Waste Management Subsystem Fecal Contingency

For use as a vomitus bag, the crewman does not remove the strip-off cover, but presses the bag firmly to the mouth area when vomit collection is desired. The bag features are similar to those cf the fecal bag to permit mass determination, data entry, waste processing, and on-orbit storage for eventual return to earth in a fecal return bundle.

Enter Oata Pushbutton Proceed Pushbutton Reset Pushbutton Key Release Pushbutton

The AGS consists of an abort sensor assembly (ASA), abort electronics assembly (AEA), and a data entry and display assembly (DEDA). The ASA performs the same function as the IMU it I establishes an inertial reference frame. The AEA, a high-speed, general-purpose digital computer, is the central processing and computational device for the AG> > . The DEDA is the input-output device for controlling the AEA.

Lmalm Apollo Operations Handbook Subsystems Data

1. 1. 2. 2 Data Entry and Display Assembly. (See figure 2. 1-7.) The DEDA (panel 6) is used by the astronauts to select the desired mode of operation, insert the desired targeting parameters, and monitor related data throughout the mission. Essentially, the DEDA consists of a control panel to which electroluminescent displays and data entry pushbuttons are mounted and a logic enclosure that houses logic and input-output circuits.

Entry Summary Message

Some of the data required for the message can be obtained from the Deorbit Landing Data form. The parameters that are on that form are deorbit AV, crossrange. roll reversal history, deorbit TIG, landing time, winds, weather, and the HAC turn angle. The OOP thrust angle can be found on the Deorbit Digitals or the Deorbit Summary displays. The FRCS dump percent and CG's should all have been determined earlier during the mass properties computations. The elevon schedule should have been determined prior to the deorbit targeting process. The forecast winds aloft and density altitude will come from WEATHER. The HAC turn direction may be determined by using the Entry Groundtrack application, after the entry ephemeris has been generated, to see which HAC is being used. However, you need to ensure that the correct runway has been selected as the prime on the K51 MED in order to see the groundtrack. Using the left mouse button, click and drag a box around the landing site. This will zoom-in on...

Figure Entry Traj representative display

The item entry 1 allows an entry from the crew to bias the entry DIP reference drag for the phugoid damper. In BFS, item 1 BIAS responds to PASS inputs (digital keyboard (DK) listen) as well as BFS inputs. Bias values between +10 to -10 ft s2 can be entered. Under certain situations, restrictions are placed on the maximum bias that can be used. These cases are discussed later. The data entry slot always reflects the current value of the bias and is initialized as zero at the beginning of MM 304.

Lunar Module

An electroluminescent segment on the numeric display of the abort guidance system data entry and display assembly was reported inoperative. The affected digit is shown in figure 16-15. With this segment inoperative, it was not possible to differentiate between the numerals 3 and 9. The crew was still able to use the particular digit however, there was some ambiguity of the readout.

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