Photoqraphic Equipment

Apollo 9 will carry two 70mm standard and one superwide-angle Hasselblad still cameras and two 16 mm Maurer sequence cameras. Film magazines for specific mission photographic objectives are carried for each camera.

The Standard Hasselblad cameras are fitted with 80 mm f/2.8 to f/22 Zeiss Planar lenses, and the Superwide Angle Hasselblad is fitted with a 38mm f/4.5 to f/22 Zeiss Biogon lens. The Maurer sequence cameras have bayonet-mount 75mm f/2,5, 18mm f/2 and 5mm f/2 interchangeable lenses available to the crew,

Hasselblad shutter speeds are variable from 1 sec. to 1/500 sec,, and sequence camera frame rates of 1,6,12 and 24 frames-per-second can be selected.

Film emulsions have been chosen for each specific photographic task. For example, a medium 3peed color reversal film will be used for recording docking, EVA and rendezvous and a high-speed color film will be used for command module and lunar module cabin interior photography.

Camera accessories carried aboard Apollo 9 include mounting brackets, right-angle mirror attachments, haze filter, an exposure-measuring spotmeter, a rlngsight common to both types of camera, an EVA camera tether and a sequence camera remote controller for EVA photography. Power cables also are included.

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